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Flower Shop   TANAKA  

Sky&Sea Co.,Ltd.

Thank you for visiting.
It is a fresh flower shop located in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture.
It is about a 10-minute walk straight from Sanjo Station on the JR Shin-Etsu Line.
We carry out business by implementing measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.
You can enter the store without a mask from March 2023.
Please feel free to drop by.

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✿Business introduction

三条市、flower shop tanaka

✿Shop business

We handle flower gifts such as bouquets, flower arrangements, and potted flowers.
If you are in a hurry, just call us and we will deliver it.
Flower and green flower gift vouchers and e-gift shops.

flower shop tanaka Sanjo Niigata

✿Corporate business

  • Wholesale 
  • Regular flower arrangement
  • Flower gift,etc.

funeral flower

✿Funeral business

  • Funeral hall decoration, flower altar
  • Farewell flowers, pillow flowers
  • Stand flowers,etc

eflora, i879,hanatown

✿Telecommunications delivery business

  • JFTD member stores
  • e Flora member stores


We accept orders for flowers at lectures and podiums.
We also accept quotations such as regular delivery other than flowers.
Please feel free to contact us by email.


✿Orders including tax are OK!

All cut flowers and potted flowers are tax-excluded, but bouquets and arrangements can be made with tax included.(more than 1000 yen)
Please contact us in advance.

ドライフラワー パンパス

✿Delivery fee

Delivery fee is 3300 yen or more (including tax)
Sanjo city is free.
Delivery of relatively large flowers, such as flowers and memorial flowers, is convenient.
Please feel free to tell us.
For nearby Tsubame City, Mitsuke City and Kamo City, we accept charges (from 550 yen). Please use it.

イーフローラECショップ フラワーショップたなか

✿Coupon 5% OFF

Since our shop is a member shop of 

You can use e-flora online coupons. Just present it and get a 5% discount. Go ahead and use it, please!

flower shop tanaka,Sanjo Niigata Japan

✿Company Profile

Company name
Sky&Sea Co., Ltd.

Store name
Flower shop Tanaka
3-6-12 Nishi-Yokkamachi, Sanjo , Niigata  
955-0851 Japan
  Tel  +81-256-32-3243    
  Fax +81-256-32-3336

Qualified billing business registration number

Start a business

Est. 2019

Representative Director and CEO   Takashi Tanaka

Business content
・Flower shop business
・Funeral service
・Corporate business
・Telecommunications delivery business, etc.

Product example

  ✿ Phalaenopsis orchid

It is used for various purposes such as celebrations and condolences.
Products are available from 16,500 yen (the number of wheels is less than 30 with buds).
These are reference images. The number of rings is the number including buds.
The rate of flowering varies depending on the season. The buds are relatively large in winter.
 Please understand in advance.
The size of the petals and the arrangement of flowers vary depending on the variety.

Phalaenopsis orchid,flower shop tanaka

3 standing ¥ 22,000 (including tax)
Number of wheels: around 36 wheels

This is a reasonable budget.
And it is a popular product in general.

Phalaenopsis orchid,法人

3 standing ¥33,000 (including tax)
Number of wheels: around 42 wheels

The flower arrangement is beautiful and it is a wonderful product.
It is the most popular.

Phalaenopsis orchid,gift

3 standing ¥44,000 (including tax)
Number of wheels: around 48 to 50 wheels

When it comes to this class, it is truly impressive.
Customers are very pleased.

Phalaenopsis orchid,gift

5 standing ¥55,000 (including tax)
Number of wheels: around 65 to 75 wheels

We can prepare 5 standing items from 38,500 yen 

(including tax) ,

without a certain number of rings, it lacks luxury.
So if you have five
We recommend this price range.

✿ Celebration stand flowers

Celebration stand flowers are indispensable for opening celebrations.
We will make it with plenty of volume.
Here are just a few examples.
Please let us know if you have any desired flower materials.
We can also attach your name tag.

Celebration stand flowers

one-stage type ¥ 16,500 
(including tax)
We use pipe stands.
It can be used outdoors.
Pipe stand flowers start from ¥16,500.We recommend it for opening celebrations.

Celebration stand flowers,blue

one-stage type ¥ 22,000 
(including tax)
It is not a pipe stand. We are using a corn stand.
It cannot be used outdoors.
The corn stand is a single-stage type only and It will be from ¥22,000.
This is suitable for indoor events such as recitals and exhibitions.

開店祝スタンド アンスリウム

two-stage type stand ¥ 22,000 (including tax)
This is a pipe stand. It can be used outdoors.
2-stage type will be from ¥ 22,000.
This is very popular for the opening celebration.

✿ Funeral stand flowers

Funeral stand flowers are available from ¥ 16,500 (including tax).
Please note that the contents are different from the photos as we will make it with seasonal flowers.
¥ 16,500 is a one-stage type
¥ 22,000 is a two-stage type
¥ 27,500 is a two-stage type (luxury version)
We will attach your name tag. We will carry it in and out of the funeral hall.

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